Making symlinks with LaunchBar

I always forget the exact syntax for making a symbolic link from the command line. It’s quick enough to look it up, especially when using Fish’s history search capabilities, but ever since I noticed you could make symlinks with LaunchBar, that has become my preferred method.

The animated GIF below shows making a symlink of a folder in my LaunchBar actions folder (~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions/beats-x-launchbar-actions) in a subfolder in my Projects folder (~/projects/launchbar-actions).

The workflow goes like so:

  1. Select the folder you want the symlink to point to. In this case I selected it in the Finder and sent it to LaunchBar with Instant Send.
  2. Hit tab to invoke Send To…
  3. Select the target folder, where you want the new symlink to live. In this case I:
    • Navigated to my ~/projects folder by typing p
    • Tapped the right arrow key to navigate into the folder
    • Started typing the name of the target folder laun
    • Hit enter to get the list of actions
  4. Select “Make Symbolic Link (Absolute)” from the list of file actions.