LaunchBar: Quick Calculations In-Place

This is a real case I ran into the other day while posting to my blog. The image embed code generated by WordPress set the image dimensions to twice what I wanted them to be. My intellectual laziness (not wanting to do some simple math in my head) is your gain because you’re going to learn how to do some quick calculations “in-place” with LaunchBar’s calculator and Instant Send feature.

Method One

  1. Select the number you want to do a calculation on.
  2. Send that number to LaunchBar with Instant Send. In my case that’s done by double-tapping the Command (⌘) key.
  3. Type /2 to divide the number by two.
  4. Type ShiftEnter to paste the resulting number back into the app you initially copied from.

Method Two

  1. Type the math equation in place. In this case by turning 628 into 628/2.
  2. Select that equation and send it to LaunchBar with Instant Send (double-tap Command).
  3. LaunchBar automatically detects you gave it a math problem so it instantly solves it for you. So type ShiftEnter to paste the result back to where it came from.