iTerm2 v3 and LaunchBar

If you are running the iTerm2 v3 beta and have iTerm set as your preferred terminal application in LaunchBar’s preferences, you may have noticed that LaunchBar’s terminal commands will not work. For example, selecting a path in LaunchBar and then choosing the Open Terminal Here command (or simply hitting ⌘T), fails silently. Read more here or check out this Twitter conversation.

I came up with two different ways to deal with this.

First, here are two LaunchBar actions you can install. One is used to open a path in a new iTerm tab and the other is to open a path in a new iTerm window.

Second, if you really want LaunchBar’s ⌘T shortcut to open the selected directory in iTerm2 v3, I put together a hack that will do just that. Getting that all set up is more involved than just installing a LaunchBar action but it’s not that bad.

The LaunchBar team has known about this issue for some time now. I suspect that they haven’t changed things on their end because iTerm2 v3 has been in beta. Looks like iTerm2 v3 will be “official” very soon and when that happens, I suspect that LaunchBar with be updated. At that point, these actions and hacks won’t be needed. Until then, they should fill the gap for you well enough.