Faster GitHub PRs, Take 2

I just updated the function I wrote about yesterday, making two big changes:

  • Vim is no longer opened just so that I can reuse the last commit message for the PR Message
  • The browser no longer opens the PR page; instead the URL for the PR is copied to the clipboard so that I can paste it into Slack.

The new usage is simply $ pr if I want to PR into develop or $ pr target-branch if I want to PR into target-branch.

Here is the new version, which can also be found on GitHub:

function pr -d 'Quickly make a PR of the current branch into `develop` or the branch of your choosing'
  # Reuse the last commit message as the PR message
  git log -1 --pretty=%B > msg.txt
  set targetbranch 'develop'
  if test -n "$argv"
    set targetbranch $argv[1]
  git push; and git pull-request -b $targetbranch -F msg.txt | pbcopy
  rm msg.txt
  echo 'You can find your PR at' (pbpaste)
  echo ' (That URL has been copied to your clipboard, as well)'

I’m outputting the last commit message to a temp file, msg.txt, because this seems like a good way to support multi-line messages. The message is then used with the pull-request -F flag. In my first attempt I stored the value of git log -1 --pretty=%B in a var to then pass to pull-request -m but that choked on commits that were more than a single line.

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