Back to WordPress

Moving back to WordPress has so far been a bit of a pain in the ass. Some of this is WordPress’s fault. Some of it is my host’s fault. Some of it is technology’s (?) fault.

Some issues off the top of my head:

  • I can’t get Jet Pack’s Markdown functionality to work when playing around locally with MAMP. So I can’t write test posts locally and see how they’ll look.
  • Moving my local DB to my site hosted on MediaTemple was a pain because (mt) is still using MySQL 5.1.72 but locally I’m running 5.5.4. So I had to make some adjustments to my exported .sql file. Specifically I exported from phpMyAdmin using the MYSQL40 option. I then had to manually edit the .sql file to change mentions of utf8mb4 to utf8. Since I was already messing with the .sql in a text editor, I adjusted all of the absolute URLs, changing mentions of localhost to the actual blog URL. I had to jump through these formatting hoops because of MediaTemple doing everything they can to force me to upgrade to a much more expensive plan, which isn’t going to happen. And moving all my online stuff to a new host is not something I want to deal with right now. Especially since (mt) is hosting my mail and I don’t want to deal with moving that somewhere else.
  • Turns out I really do need to use utf8mb4 on MySQL because if I don’t, I lose the unicode characters I want to use in blog posts. Specifically, I want to be able to enter the unicode symbols for keyboard modifiers like shift, control, and option. Unicode characters for arrow keys work just fine without utf8mb4. Until I move to a better host, I am stuck without these characters.
  • I converted some very short screencasts to animated GIFs so that I could insert them into a post. That in itself was a pain. It might be possible to make a quality animated GIF of a simple screencast that shows nothing but a text editor, I can’t figure out how. Jesus this is frustrating. If any was born to be converted to an animated GIF it’s a screencast of editing code. The color palette is already small. I looks perfectly fine at even 96 colors. And the animation itself is already stop-motion style. I ended up with low frame rates, low resolutions, and poor color palettes. Trying to fix these issues just caused GIFBrewery to blow up. But the bigger problem is that when said animated GIFs are embedded in my WordPress post, they get horribly distorted as they play back. This seems to be an issue with the Twenty Sixteen template. It looks like turning the channel knob on the old TV I watched Sesame Street on in 1982. Awful.

So I’ve got this nice little blog post I want to get onto my fresh install of WordPress 4.4 running the Twenty Sixteen theme and I can’t.